Monday, 7 June 2010


I know, I know. It's been a while. I wish that after such a hiatus this post could actually contain something riveting and amusing. Sadly my days seem to be full of tea, biscuits and trying to write some sort of linear, erudite and interesting narrative about medieval saints' reliquaries of Zadar. Yes, it's writing up time for the thesis and there's not much humour in that, let me tell you. If you ever wanted to instantly crush any instance of imagination or creativity - never mind comedy - just unleash a footnote that looks something like this...

Hartvic, Bishop, 'Legenda S. Stephani regis maior et minor, atque legenda ab Hartvico episcopo conscripta', in Scriptore Rerum Hungaricarum Tempore Ducum Regumque Stirpis Arpadianae Gestarum, ed. by Bartoniek, Emma (Budapest: Typograhiae Reg. Universitatis Litter. Hung. Sumptibus, 1938), pp. 363-440.

... and feel that metaphorical tumbleweed of boredom trundle through your soul.

Yea gods. I need a proper job at some point.

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Prutha said...

hehe... someday all this studying will pay off...good luck

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